English Channel Band Vicki Bio

Vicki (Neiheisel) Monahan

Vicki Monahan Where were you born?
Cincinnati, Ohio...a true westsider

What lead you to become a singer?
Music was always on at my house growing up. With 9 brothers and sisters, I was exposed to all kinds of music.   As a preteen, I used to sneak into my sisters room after they went out and jam to their albums in front of the mirror.   Really though, who didn't do that?

Musical Influences:
I have always loved harmony.  So, I would have to say The Carpenters, Mama's & Papa's, Simon & Garfunkel.  But I am also a fan of the 80's "big hair bands", punk rock, and grunge.

Name a few of your favorite albums (CDs) of all time:
5150 (Van Halen), Pieces of Me (Jewel), Hysteria (Def Leppard), Dookie (Green Day), Carpenters Greatest Hits Collection (The Carpenters)

Name a few of your favorite songs that English Channel plays:
Piece of My Heart, Come Home, Rock & Roll, I really could name more!

Say anything about yourself you want to say:
When I was asked to sing with the band, they had no idea that this has always been a dream of mine. So of course I said, "Hell yeah!"  I think I bring some much needed "chick" energy to the band and I love connecting with the audience, either during a song or on break.

Give a phrase or sentence (or two) about each your fellow band members.
Tom is our perfection driven leader. Much harder on himself than the rest of us.  He is very good on the guitar and the response from our audience proves it.  He is also the driving force behind the duets him and I sing and some of the solo songs I sing.  I just follow his vision...so far so good.

John is the tech guru and multi tasker.  Not many people can play keyboard, make sure the monitors are correctly positioned, make sure the lights are set perfectly, sing songs, and play cowbell on demand.  He, I think, is the hardest working and busiest person in the band.

Gary is our worry free bass player.  He rocks out the bass with his easy going personality.  Him and I have a few laughs here and there during gigs and I try not to invade his personal space.  But sometimes that's hard in small playing areas!  Gary is also quick to name what band sang what song originally.  Someone has to know these things!

What's your fondest memory with the band so far?
My 2nd gig with the band was an outside benefit and we sang with a 40' bonfire on one side of us, fireworks going off behind us, and ended the evening with a horrible rainstorm that just about knocked us off the stage.  Gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, "and the band played on..."   Well, at least until the rain took the roof down!

What do you want people to know about the band most of all? We have a passion for what we do.   The combination of our talents and different personalities gets us the end result....Great Music!