What is a Copyright?

OK, what's all this Copyright stuff you ask. Check out this page on copyrights and web, and the common myths about copyrights, and also the US government Copyright page.

Why I care about this stuff

A large number of the pictures I take are for a non-profit organization of which I am a member. I basically donate my time and effort, so I'm not in this for the money. That being said, I sometimes do get paid for the photos I produce. However, the way I get the paying jobs is by people seeing my work, and contacting me. 

Use of content

If you would like to use any content from this site, then please do the following:

  1. Let me know the URL, or format they will be in (sending email is fine, )
  2. add credit (on every page where a photo appears)

Depending on the usage, commercial or not we may ask for a fee.  We do reserve the right to deny usage on sites/publications that we have a problem with.

If you would like to distinguish yourself from others or use my work without the credit line, then contact me and we can work out a donation to a mutually agreeable charitable organization.

Note: remember that most of the pictures of people are not model-released. Advertising usage of photos (e.g., brochures, catalogs, print ads) is very different from editorial usage of photos (e.g., newspaper and magazine articles, books). You cannot use pictures in advertising (e.g., an on-line product brochure or anything else that is selling) without getting a model release from any person whose image is recognizable in the photo. You might also have problems if an image contains a recognizable physical property, e.g., Disneyland. One of the reasons advertisers pay $1000+ for images from stock agencies is that those agencies have generally already gotten the relevant releases.