English Channel Band

English Channel is a Cincinnati, Ohio based band with a focus mainly on British and American classic rock n' roll .  The band is currently not active, but this website remains to host the sights, sounds and history of the group.

English Channel was formed in early 2003 and settled into a lineup of Tom Harmon, Gary Edmondson, Alan Kallmeyer, and John Riedel.  Vicki Monahan joined the group in mid 2008.   Kevin Ross replaced Alan in 2011.  Since its inception,  all band members have had other musical interests and projects, and though some wanted to continue English Channel, others decided that  it no longer fit their goals and aspirations.

To all the fans and friends that have come to see us, we owe you a great thanks, without you we would be nothing. To the people that booked us for events, thanks for the opportunities.  To our families, we owe so much.  You never questioned the time and effort we put in to chase what must have looked to you as a crazy dream.

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